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Premium continental 6

According to the test results continental took 1st place and got an expert score “ very well”. on top of all features that make this tire a reliable option, continental built the premium contact 6 with another technology referred to as the contisilent design. aşkı memnu premium continental 6 55. continental premiumcontact 6 is ranked # 91 of 745 summer tyres based on the results of tests carried out by autozeitung and other organizations. the braking distance was 0.

the german magazine auto zeitung has published in their current issue ( 6/ ) the summer tire test. 4th place in wet braking. see full list on thetirelab. positive - premium summer tyre with balance driving behaviour, short wet braking, stable handling, low wear. it is made in total of 227 sizes, 185/ 65 r15 being the smallest and 325/ 40 r22 the largest.

continental premiumcontact 6 is ranked # 91 of 775 summer tyres based on the results of tests carried out by adac and other organizations. related products: | continental. what is the review of the continental premiumcontact 6? beın sports hd1 izle.

continental premiumcontact 6 belongs to the premium segment. what is the gute fahrt premium contact 6 test? continental premiumcontact 6 in tyre tests. continental premiumcontact / 40- 22 xl tire. gute fahrt continental premiumcontact 6 test. the continental premium contact 6 tire is a versatile, durable, and very comfortable option for summer grand touring with luxurious comfort. where does continental premiumcontact 6 rank on the german tyres list? rating for the premiumcontact™ 6: test winner. in the wet, the premiumcontact 6 was the best tyre on test and has low fuel consumption. how good are the premiumcontact 6 tyres? 2- 3th place in dry braking.

6m longer, than the leader. in experts of the german publication gute fahrt have tested continental premium contact 6 at size 225/ 40 r18 and compared with 9 simillar budget, medium and premium tires. overall continental premiumcontact 6 review. the test was conducted by auto zeitung at the contidrom, jeversen, germany. the tested tire size was 225/ 50 r17 w/ y, test vehicle was a bmw 3series. about our premiumcontact™ 6:.

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